Parallel Port Pin to Signal Assignments

SuperCam may be configured to assign different signals to different pins on the parallel port pins.

There are two different methods of providing signals to the stepper motor drivers, step and direction or direct phase control.

There are two commands, PORTMODE and SETPTYP, that control the pin signal assignments.

PORTMODE sets direct phase control or step/direction type of motor control. If it is set to Step/Dir the SETPTYP command sets the step/dir pin out configuration. There are four different direct phase pin assignments possible, TAIGFULL, TAIGHALF, MAXNC10,SUPERTECH. Both Taig modes have the same pin assignments, which is the same as the Maxnc pin assignments. The difference between the Maxnc and Taig mode is in the step table, the signals are inverted. The Taig controller works with High is on logic and the Maxnc works with Low is on. The Supertech mode has a different pin assignment and step table.

SETPTYP sets the step and direction signal pinouts. There are three different sets of pin assignments SuperTech, DanCam, User1.

On all setups the pin 11 is X axis limit switch, pin 12 the Y axis limit switch, pin 13 the Z limit switch. Pin 15 can also be used for digitizer probe input. The keyboard command SETLMTMD, is used to configure the signal condition indicating whether the limit switch is engaged when HIGH or LOW.

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