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We do not have a Drug problem, We have a Political Problem!

Safer Arizona is a Political Action Committee that sponsors and supports ballot initiatives to legalize marijuana in Arizona.

Safer Arizona is a Political Action Committee that creates and sponsors bills for Legislative action.

Legislative Action and Initiative Proposals Entertained

1. Harm reduction - Removing felony penalties for small amounts of marijuana.

2. Medical Marijuana patients grow rights. Rescinding the 25 mile rule, giving all medical marijuana patients the right to grow there own marijuana.

3. Good Samaritan for people who have overdosed. Person taking them to hospital or calling emergency have immunity from prosecution. Modeled after Colorado law.

4. Chemical addictions are to be treated as health issues not as criminal issues. We support a law like Casey's law like Kentucky's. Getting underage people with addiction problems into detox and rehab facilities by the parent petitioning the court.

5. DUI Law amendments to add protections from false prosecution. Making video records of sobriety tests required to be present as evidence in court.

6. Property seizures not unless there is a criminal conviction. Modeled after a law recently passed in Minnesota.

7. Jury Nullification court rule changes. We want to change the instructions to the jury to include the decision as to whether the law should have been applied in this circumstance. Juries in Arizona are not allowed to know what the criminal sentences will be for the defendant and we think this is wrong.

8. Private prisons in Arizona are criminal in their concept. It is legalized slavery and we abhor this.

In Arizona there are 30 Legislative Districts, Maricopa County has 18 of them. In each district there are two Representatives and one Senator, both are up for election every two years and are term limited to four consecutive terms.

Each Canidate is required to get about 300 signatures to qualify as a candidate. If a candidate for Legislature agrees to run Clean Elections public funded campaign they must get about 300 people to contribute $5.00 and sign a form. The signatures and contributions can be made through a web site managed by the Secretary of State.

A perfect play is 9000 members perfectly place with 300 members in each of the 30 Legislative Districts. We support three candidates in each district and they each receive $45,000 in public funding. That would mean that we leverage 3 X 45,000 = 135,000 in each District and there are 30 districts so 30 X 135,000 = 4,050,000 in public funding.

We expect canidates that we have meaningfully helped qualify to recipricate and put a Marijuana leaf on their campaign signage. Even though the candidates we support may not get elected the added signage for the cause will benefit the citizen initiatives to legalize marijuana.

There is no drug testing for candidates and they must be at least 25 years old and a resident for at least a year.

The game is play is up on election night 2016. Do we win back our liberty and legalize weed?

Game on... You will be able to watch as the network grows and builds a schematic of itself. Join in and be a part of the Political Conspiracy to take back our freedoms and restore liberty and justice for all.

UserLevel is the Access Privleges
0 Curious George browsing the net
1 A friend has added you to the Network and you have responded to the URL link in the Email. Or curious George has decided to become a member of the network and registered as a Member.
2 You have edited the profile and responded via email to the email that was sent when you registered.
3 The friend who sponsored you has verified your participation. At this point you can refer more friends to the network.
4 You have become a trusted friend of the cause multiple members have verified you as real.

When you sponsor someone you are saying they are a friend of the cause. You feel they support legalizing marijuana initiatives.

Think of it as a game and this is a means to work the system to our benefit.

When we have 300 click activists in each Legislative district who are willing to contribute to candidates friendly to the cause we will have reached critical mass.

The idea is to build a schematic of the an Anonymous Political Network.

A digital form of the Liberty Tree where messages were passed between revolutionaries in 1773.

This is where they decided to have a Tea Party.
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Liberty Tree. The original Liberty Tree, in Boston, was not on Boston Common.

It was the largest one of a grove of beautiful elms which stood in Hanover Square, at the corner of Orange (now Washington) and Essex streets, opposite the Boyleston Market.

Its exact site is marked by a building. on the front of which is a relief figure of the tree in granite and the inscription " Sons of Liberty –1766.

Independence of Our Country–1776." This elm was called " Liberty Tree" because the Sons of Liberty held their meetings under it, and the ground below was called "Liberty Hall."

The first meeting of this society was held there some time in 1765.

A pole fastened to the trunk of the tree rose far above the top-most branch, and a red flag floating from it was an understood signal to call together the fearless Sons of Liberty.

This society held many meetings here during the next ten years, and placards addressed to the people were nailed to the tree, and inscribed banners were suspended from its limbs.

They had a board fastened to the tree with the inscription, "This tree was planted in 1614, and pruned by order of the Sons of Liberty, Feb. 14, 1776."

On Nov. 20, 1767, a seditious handbill was fixed to the tree, exhorting the Sons of Liberty to rise and fight against the country's oppressors; it declared that they would be joined by legions of their countrymen, that the tyrant would be driven from the land, and generations to come would bless them, while if they neglected this opportunity to free their country they would be cursed to all eternity.

In June, 1768, a red flag was raised over the tree, and a second appeal to the Sons of Liberty to rise against the British was affixed in the form of a a handbill to its trunk.

The anniversary of the rising against the Stamp Act was observed Aug. 14, 1773, by a meeting under this tree.

On Nov. 3 following there was an immense gathering under this tree again, at which a resolution was passed concerning the tea-ships which were known to be on their way to Boston, ordering the consignees of the cargoes not to sell them on American soil, but to return them promptly to London in the same vessels in which they had been shipped.

The ultimate result of this meeting was the "Boston Tea party" of Dec. 6, 1773, when 340 chests of tea were poured into the Boston Harbor. In May, 1774, British troops under Gage were quartered in Boston, the port was closed, and all public meetings were forbidden.

The gatherings of the Sons of Liberty were, therefore, made in secret during the next two years, but the Liberty Tree retained its name, and probably witnessed more than one midnight meeting.

In the winter of 1775–76 the British soldiery, to whom the popular name of this tree rendered it an object of hatred, cut down this magnificent elm and converted it into fourteen cords of firewood.

This act of destruction was greatly resented by the people.

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