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Kanahele Jewelery Use SuperCamXp and Taig Micro Mill with Servo Motors
Super Tech's You Tube Video Gallery
Draw an Arc
Draw Array of Graphic Items
Background Command
Import BMP Command
USB Camera Command
CamPod Control is the ActiveX Dialog Form Controlling the USB Interface
Change Line
Change Line Down
Change Line Up
Change Order Command
Circle Command
Clear the Drawing Buffer Command
Close the .CAM file
Conversational G-code input from the keyboard
Copy Command
Mconfig/Delays Command
Deselect Command
USB/Diagnostic Command
Down Command
Import DXF files into the Drawing buffer
Edit and Execute G-code Files
Erase Command
Exit SuperCamXp Command
Export DXF file from the drawing buffer
Export Drawing Buffer to HPGL file
Exprtcnc Command - Export G-code from Drawing Buffer
Extend Lines
Read a Font file into the working memory
Import G-code file and execute
Gcode Reader
Graphics Information Parameters
Grid Command
Home Command
Home X and Y Axis Command
Home Z Command
Import HPGL .PLT file to drawing buffer
Info Command
Join Command
Joystick Command
Leadin Command
Leadout Command
Mconfig/Limits Command
Line Command
Draw a Line Down
Draw a Line Up
List graphic items
Listfrnt Command
Machine Console
Mirror Graphic Items
Mconfig/Motors Command
Move Graphic Drawing Items
Moveto Mouse click or Keyboard input
Off Command
Create Offset Line from another Line
On Command
Open .CAM file Command
Origin Command
Pan Command
Plotbuff Command
Plotchar Command
Plotitem Command
Draw Point Command
Print the Graphics Area on the attached printer
Read Machine Configuration File Command
Redraw Graphics Area
Rotate Graphic Items
Save .CAM file
Save Current Machine Configuration File Command
Scale Command
Maximize the Main Screen of SuperCamXp
Minimize the SuperCamXp Main Screen
Select Command
Set Material Surface Coordinate
Setup DXF import parameters
Setup the G-code interpretation parameters
Setup the Import parameters for importing HPGL files
Set X Axis Coordinate Command
Setxyloc Command
SetY Command
Set Z Command
Snap Command
Mconfig/Speeds Command
Step X Command
Step X Command
Step Y Command
Step Y To Command
Step Z Command
Step Z To Command
Surface Command
Swapend Command
Draw Text
Draw Text on Center Point
Textfit Command
Trim Command
Up Command
X Command
X and Y to Zero Command
Y Command
Z Command
Zero X and Y Command
Zero Z Command
Z Axis to Maximum Position Command
Zoom Center
Zoom In Command
Zoom Limits Command
Zoom Out Command
ZoomP Command
ZoomW Command
Super Tech's You Tube Video Gallery
SuperCamXp Tutorials
Three NEMA 23 Stepper Motors Running
Video SuperCamXp MainScreen Overview
Super Tech's You Tube Video Gallery
Three NEMA 23 Stepper Motors Running
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