Assembled and Tested USB ArmPod Board With SuperCamXp

Assembled Circuit Board for USB ArmPod the SuperCamXp motion controller USB Adapter. SuperCamXp program is included with the board.

The USB ArmPod generates step and direction signals for controlling motors for coordinate positioning on three axis cnc mills and tables. The motion control signals are presented at a legacy parallel port type connector making it plug and play for legacy step and direction three axis coordinate positioning motor controllers.

The signal to pin configuration is software configured and flashed into the onboard computer.

The on board processor is buffered electrically with two 74LS244 integrated circuits in sockets. These are there to protect the single board computer from static shocks when the interface cable is plugged in and out with the power on. The two IC's are in sockets and can be interchanged.

There is a hole patter setup for a 14 pin DIP integrated circuit. The intent was to use a 74LS14 for signal conversions.

There are signal jumpers on the board that can be cut and the signals rerouted. These are a legacy to previous versions of the circuit board.

The current version of the firmware configures the signal pin assignments on boot up. The configuration is stored in the flash memory and can be changed and reflashed with the SuperCamXp program provided with the board.

SuperCamXp pings the serial ports from Com1 to Com15 and checks for the proper response. By default the board is recognizeds as a GPS DATA LOGGER the comm port assigned is determined by what other periferals are installed on the host computer. If it is assigned to a comm port greater than com15 it will not be found by SuperCamXp. Comm Ports can be re-assigned by clicking on the Advanced properties.

The single board computer has an LED that flashes slowly when the USB cable is plugged into the host computer. When SuperCamXp has established polling with it the LED flashes quickly.

The single board computer has a Reset button on it to reboot the firmware. There are also two sets of jumpers, the one on engages the on board LED to an interface pin. The other when installed erases the Flash memory loosing the firmware program, this is normally avoided.

Single Board Computer MCU: AT91SAM7S256 16/32 bit ARM7TDMI™ with 256K Bytes Program Flash, 64K Bytes RAM, USB 2.0, RTT, 10 bit ADC 384 ksps, 2x UARTs, TWI (I2C), SPI, 3x 32bit TIMERS, 4x PWM, SSC, WDT, PDC (DMA) for all peripherals, 48MHz operation USB connector, RESET circuit, RESET button, Status LED, TST jumper, for SAM-BA downloading, Power supply LED, Power supply filtering capacitor, 18.432 Mhz crystal on socket

Part# USB-ArmPod-Brd   ArmPod Board Assembled and tested. It is a USB to Parallel Port Type Connector for XYZ Three Axis Motor Indexer for Generating Step and Direction Signals for Motor Drivers and Relay Control signals. Programable Signal Pin Assignments. Comes with SuperCamXp Machine Control Program, Windows Xp, Windows 7 and Vista Compatible CNC Machine Tool Motor Control. CAD Graphical User Interface Alternative to Mach3.   Weight: 3 lbs........$295.00

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Schematic Drawings of USB ArmPod Circuit Board

Default Pin Signal Assignments

Schematic of the USB ArmPod

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Published 7/17/2017 11:24:48 AM
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