USB ArmPod Parallel Port Connector has Configurable Signal Pin Assignments

Parallel Port Connector on the USB ArmPod has configurable pin signal assignments.

The output and input pins conform to the legacy parallel printer port pins originally defined by the IBM PC. Pins 1 through 9 and 1, 14, 17 are outputs. Pins 10, 11, 12, 13 and 15 are inputs.

The signal polarity can be set by a check click to High True or Low True. Where a High is approximately plus five(5) volts and a Low is approximately zero(0) volts when read with a volt meter on the connector pin.

There is a Step and Direction signal for each axis motor, XYZ.

There is the Enable signal to enable or disable the motor drivers for all the motors in the attached controller.

There is the High Power signal which will be true when there is motion on the attached machine. When there is no motion of the motors required this signal is false which will enable a low idle current on the attached motors.

There is the Home Mode signal which is true when the Homing commands are being executed. This is used when two motors are being synchronized on an axis. This signal enables the controllers logic to stop a motor when it engages it's limit switch even though the other synchronized motor has yet to engage the limit switch.

There are four(4) input status signals, one Limit switch status for each axis and a Status signal generally used to indicate Servo Fault conditions.

The configurable pin signal assignments mean it is easy to configure the pin signals for controllers made by other manufactures. Generally if an existing controller is being controlled by Mach3 through a parallel port it is entirely possible to use the USB ArmPod and SuperCamXp to control the machine.

This is a link to a video that shows how to set the signal pin assignments. Clicking on lower left USB Ok in SuperCamXp brings up the CamPod Control Dialog which has the ARMPOD button. Clicking on the ARMPOD button brings up the Dialog Window for setting the Signal Pin Assignments.

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