USB ArmPod CNC Motor Motion Signal Generator for SuperCamXp

USB to Parallel Port Motion Signal Generator.
Programmable Signal Pin Assignments.
Works with SuperCamXp.
ARM7DTMI 48 Mhz, 32 bit microprocessor
Generates the Step and Direction signals.
50000 steps per second for Three Axis

SuperCamXp is included with the USB ArmPod.
It is the program used to control the attached mill.
It works through the USB Port.
The ArmPod pin signal assignments is done with SuperCamXp.
The ArmPod generates the step and direction signals that are then connected to motor driver modules for making the motors move.
SuperCamXp is a CAD type user interface to the attached Mill.

Taig Micro Mill Using Geckodrive G540
USB ArmPod in the Box
SuperCamXp as CNC Control Software
Chinese Made CNC 3020 Router Engraver
USB ArmPod in the Box
SuperCamXp as CNC Control Software

CNC Chinese Router Table
Retrofit to run by SuperCamXp
with a USB ArmPod Board
Part# USB-ArmPod-Brd   ArmPod Board Assembled and tested. It is a USB to Parallel Port Type Connector for XYZ Three Axis Motor Indexer for Generating Step and Direction Signals for Motor Drivers and Relay Control signals. Programable Signal Pin Assignments. Comes with SuperCamXp Machine Control Program, Windows Xp, Windows 7 and Vista Compatible CNC Machine Tool Motor Control. CAD Graphical User Interface Alternative to Mach3.   Weight: 3 lbs........$295.00

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