How To Relief Engrave Letters in Aluminum Plate
This plate was machined with the Servo Micro Mill using SuperCam.

The art work was created using Corel Draw.

Two end mills were used. A 0.125 center cutting flat and a .0625 center cutting flat. The 0.125 was a four fluted cutter, and the 0.0625 was a two fluted cutter.

The rapid travel speed was 1.500 ips/90 ipm.

The cutting speed was 0.08 ips ramping up to 0.12 ips with a ramp rate of 0.005. Each pass cut was .020 deep.

The final cut depth for the .125 mill was .125 inches deep. The first pass with the .0625 mill was .125 deep. The last pass with the .0625 mill was cut incremental .015 each pass until it reached the depth of .060.

Link to Corel Draw screen dumps

Plate is mounted on the Micro Mill. The area of the plaque is set in Corel Draw to be left hand corner at 1,1.

The first cut was made with the .125 mill. The final depth was .125 with incremental cuts of .02 inch.

Screen Save of the Cut out layer from the artwork file in Corel Draw.

SuperCam Screen Save of the Cut out tool path. Showing the total working area of the Servo Micro Mill.

SuperCam Screen Save of the cut out tool path. Spindle is in the upper right corner of the area cut down 0.125 inch for the mounting holes. The outer line will be incrementally cut through the plate freeing the finished plaque.

First the smallest paths are cut to the total depth of .125

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