STA TAIG MicroMill Shipping & Contents

The STA-MicroMill is shipped in three (3) separate boxes containing: (Total weight 110 lbs.)

1. CONTENTS: (weight 27 lbs.)

EMC-XYZB Controller
SuperCam software package
(3) Nema 23 motors w/couplers
(3) Motor harnesses
(3) motor cables-6ft
Parallel cable-10ft.
Hardware & parts for assembly
2. CONTENTS: (weight 43 lbs.)

XY-table base
Milling Vise
Jacobs Chuck
Drill Chuck Arbor
Collet Set 8 pc.
3. CONTENTS: (weight 40 lbs.)

Z-mast and Spindle motor
Assembly of the MicroMill

Z mast packaged in the box.

XY table base packaged in the box.

Z mast-packaging removed and spindle motor still wrapped.

XY table base with packaging removed.

Base, Mast and Spindle Motor unpacked.

SuperCam software & Users Manual, Controller, Motors & Cables

Remove nut and washer from base.

Lift mast and slide onto bolt.

Hand tighten nut.

Square mast to base.

Tighten to secure nut.

Remove the screws to attach Spindle Motor.

Attach Spindle Motor.

Thread screws allowing movement of Spindle Motor.

Mount the belt from motor to spindle.

Tighten and secure Spindle Motor leaving some slack in the belt.

Attach power cord for Spindle Motor.

Attaching the Coupler Sleeve.

Thread coupling tube until 1/16" gap between coupler clamps.

Screws & Nylon Tubes.

Insert flat end of Tubes into Motor Coupler.

Insert motor assembly into coupling tube.

Close-up, Nylon Tubes lined up to holes.

Motor completely inserted.

Attach motors with screws until secure. DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN.

Tighten set screw on clamp collar.

Y motor attached.

Attach Limit Switch to plate..

Thread nut onto Limit Switch & tighten.

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