MiniRobo - Desktop Computer Controlled Dremel Drill
Desktop Computer Controlled Dremel Drill
Working Area 12x, 8.5y, 3.75z
SuperCam Machine Control Program included
Windows 98 or ME or MSDOS host
Imports DXF, HPGL or G-code files
Seventeen different Engraving Fonts
4:1 Lead Screws on all Axis
Half Step Model has 0.000625 step resolution
Micro Step Model has 0.000125 step resolution
Servo Motor Model has 0.00025 inch step resolution
NEMA 23 195 oz/in Stepper Motors
145 Watt Servo Motors Available
Home Switches for Calibrating Postion
Dremel ON/OFF by Computer Controlled Relay
Half Step Bipolar Stepper Motor Controller EMC-XYZB-BX included
Welded Steel Contruction
Precision Hardened Steel Rods for Slides
Ball Thrust Bearings on all Axis
Zero Backlash Couplers between Lead Screws and Motors
Replaceable Lead Screw Nuts
Optional Anti-Backlash Nuts
Engraving, Wood model making
Making Plastic Parts
Metal engraving
Working with Wax models
Circuit Board Engraving and Drilling
Jewelery Making
Connects to Parallel Port of Desktop Computer
No need to remove cover of computer to connect
Imports DXF, HPGL or G-code files
Seventeen different Engraving Fonts
Open Bottom For Chip and Dust Pan
Flat Plained Corian Table surface
Pattern of #8-32 threaded holes for material clamping
Servo or Stepper Motor Models
Operate with cutting fluids, open bottom for fluid collection
Various spindle assemblies available

Front view of MiniRobo 1285

Back view of MiniRobo 1285

Dremel Drill Mounted on Carriage

EMC-XYZB-BX Included with MiniRobo 1285

MiniRobo Closeup

MiniRobo Y Nut and table top with clamping holes

MiniRobo is a complete three axis Modeling and Engraving tool designed to be run from your PC.

With the Dremel Drill you are all set to start producing any of thousands of possible projects, from simple engraving to complex 3D machining.

You can:  Drill holes, Cut shapes or parts in wood, plastic, soft thin brass or aluminum and etc., Engrave, Make Signs or Sign Letters, Engrave Photos, Automate tasks like Precision Glue application, Scribble and etc.

This light, self-contained machine boasts many features found only on machines costing many times more.

MiniRobo is the perfect CAM package for Schools, Signs & Engraving, Prototyping, Medium Manufacturing or the Serious Hobbyist.

MiniRobo Animation Renderings Movies Pictures Specifications Assembly

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