Gecko Powered Three(3) Axis CNC Brushed Servo Motor Controller

Part Number: EMC-XYZ-GSBX

XYZ Servo Motor Controller with internal 40 Volt Power Supply.
Internal Power Supply
Fan with Foam Air Filters on Input and Output Vents
Parallel Port Interface, Mach3 Compatible

One(1) 10 ft. Male to Male Parallel Printer Port Cable.
In Metal Box 12 x 12 x 6 inches
Input voltage required is 120/240 VAC.
This is the connector panel of the EMC-XYZ-GSBX controller. There is a power on/off switch, two relay controlled main power recepticals, the parallel port female connector, one DB15 female connector for each Servomotor. This is the inside of the EMC-XYZ-GSBX. The Toroid transformer has a winding added to provide a internal +5 Volt for the logic circuits. There is a fuse for the main power entering the box. The fan assures proper air circulation. The Heatsink attached to the Gecko motor drivers is exceptionally large. The power control relays are embedded on the printed circuit board.
With the cover off, it is easy to access the Gain, Damp, and Current Limit trimpots on the Gecko Servo Motor Drivers. There are LED's that indicate relay, +5 Volt and Motor Voltage Status.
Price List
Part# EMC-XYZ-GSBX   XYZ, Three(3) Motor, Three(3) Axis, Brushed Servo Motor Controller. Internal 40 Volt, 16.6 Amp Power Supply, input voltage is 120/240 VAC. Includes: One(1) 10 ft. Male to Male Parallel Printer Port Cable. In metal box 12 x 12 x 6 inches.   Weight: 26 lbs........$1695.00
Part# USB-ArmPod   ArmPod is USB to Parallel Port Type Connector for XYZ Three Axis Motor Indexer for Generating Step and Direction Signals for Motor Drivers and Relay Control signals. Programable Signal Pin Assignments. Comes with SuperCamXp Machine Control Program, Windows Xp, Windows 7 and Vista Compatible CNC Machine Tool Motor Control. CAD Graphical User Interface Alternative to Mach3.   Weight: 3 lbs........$495.00

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