TAIG Part# 1250
Part Number Taig-1250
Riser Block Kit for Headstock and Tool Post

The Riser Block Kit is used to raise the headstock on the bed.
The Block raises the spindle center one inch higher above the lathe bed, thereby allowing a six inch swing to be obtained.
The Tool post is also raised one inch so that the toolbit remains on center with the spindle

Riser Block Kit for Headstock and Tool Post

Riser blocks installed on the Headstock and the tool post.
Price List
Part# TAIG-1250   Riser block kit for headstock and tool post (provide 6.00 swing, riser for tailstock not included)   Weight: 0.8 lbs........$27.15

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Published 7/17/2017 11:26:12 AM
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