Project is to Make a Coin Clamp for the Micro Mill
Make a Coin Clamp so coins can be face machined.
Working with a Taig Micro Mill and SuperCam.

Coin Clamp Mounted on Micro Mill

Aligning the Coin Clamp to the Mill by plunging a .125 shaft into datum hole in the center of the coin clamp.

Coin in the clamp after being machined.

Closeup of coin face that was machined.

Coin Clamp with extra set of jaws for rectangle silver plated ingot.

After drilling the three holes in the 1/4 inch thick plate.

After Counter Sink Holes were machined in the plate.

Counter sunk pockets to fit the coins that will be clamped.

After Cut that seperates the jaws in the stock plate.

Test Fit the Counter Sunk Pocket cuts.

Jaws of the Coin Clamp being cut out with a parameter cut.

Jaws of the coin clamp completed on the Micro Mill. Metal flash was still holding them in.

Coin Clamp parts

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Published 7/6/2017 4:28:05 PM
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