SuperCamXp Command Console Area of the Screen

The bottom left of the main screen is the command console area.

This is a running log of what is going on with SuperCamXp.

When it has focus the keyboard can be used to manual enter command and parameters.

When a command is executing it will display messages here to prompt the you for the next action to be taken.

Most commands can completely execute with just using the push button keys on the mouse. The commands display the action to be taken by the mouse buttons in the command console area.

It is worth noting that Control-Z will undo the last command and that 'Enter' will repeat the last command executed.

Command Menus Arc Array BMP Change Order Circle Copy Erase Line Join Move
Extend Trim Info On Off Moveto DXF Mirror HPGL Rotate Editcnc Grid Export Gcode Scale Snap
Swapend Point Plot Buff Plot Item Text Text Center Text Fit X Y Z

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