SuperCamXp JoyStick Machine Motion Control

If the attached XYZ mechanism is idle and Selected and the Joystick is enabled, moving the Joystick will cause machine movements.

Joystick caused movements are limited to the Limits of the working volume of the machine.

The Joystick will not cause machine movements if the machine is already in motion.

The pull down menu USB / Joystick menu item present the Joystick Control dialog form.

The Joystick Control form can be resized to show the raw joystick data.

If a system joystick is installed the Status will indicate Present or Not Present if not present.

The Red line indicates direction and amplitude from the Joystick's user input.

The inner circle indicates the center dead space. This is to make sure movement is not induced when there are no hand on the Joystick. A centered Joystick should cause no movement.

The Joystick Control form has a text box with a Yellow background that contains the current setting.

By default this is set to 200 which is 20 % of the movement is not active. This value can be changed as per your need. The maximum value is 1000. It is remembered between program loads.

The outer circle with inside Blue band indicates which motion speed will be used.

If the amplitude of movement indicator is inside the Blue band the cutting speed parameters will be used.

If the amplitude of movement is outside the outer circle the rapid travel parameters will be used.

The Main Screen Control Panel Tab has the Joystick Position Indicator in the center of the Jog Buttons.

The background is Gray without a Joystick installed or enabled.

If a Joystick is installed but not enabled the position indicator will be active, moving the joystick will have a visible effect here with a line indicating direction and amplitude.

To Enable the Joystick click on the indicator. It will toggle joystick enable/disable.

When the Joystick is enabled the background color will be Red, this indicates X&Y control.

Joystick Switches

Button #5 Zeros Z axis coordinates.

Button #4 Zeros XY axis coordinates.

Button #3 on the Joystick will toggle to Z axis control, the background will switch to Yellow.

Button #2 on the Joystick toggles ORTHO Mode on or off. When Ortho Mode is on, the XY movements will only be at 0, 90, 180 or 270 degrees.

Button #1 on the Joystick will toggles Relay A on or off. This will turn on/off a torch or the spindle motor depending on the type of machine attached.

Joystick Enable or Disabled is remembered between program loads.

Tested with Saitek ST90 and Logitech Attack3 Joystick and Logitech USB GamePad.

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