SuperCamXp's Main Screen

The Blue Strip on the right side is the SideBar Menu. It has the most common commands in it. The different mechanism types have different sidebar menu items presented.

The status bar at the bottom of the screen is concerned with the attached machine. The current coordinates are displaced aproximately in the midde. The status of the USB link is displayed to the left of center, the current status of the machine is to the right. To the far righ it is the current status of the Z axis, it indicates how deep the tool is cutting or high it is in a rapid travel.

The light blue text box in the center bottom of the screen is the Altituted coordinate, this is the offset positive from the surface of the material in the machine.

The yellow text box in the center of the bottom of the screen is the coordinates for the Surface of the material in the machine.

The light red text box at the center bottom of the screen is the Cut Depth offset negative from the surface of the material.

The left bottom is the Command area of the screen. In this area the command prompt is displayed which indicates the program is ready for the next command. SuperCamXp is base around a command and response concept. You give it commands and it responses with request for more input or it performs the action requested. The current status of any command can be found by reading the last text message in this area.

To the right of center on the bottom is the jog key pad. With this you can click on a button and cause the attached machine to move. Probably the most important button is the STOP MOTION button. When the machine is in motion the jog key pad is disabled but not the STOP MOTION button which if clicked on will pause the current machine motion.

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