How To Make a Electronics Connector Panel with SuperCamXp
How To Make a Electronics Connector Panel with SuperCamXp

When making parts from drawings you have to consider the cutting swath of the tool.

SuperCamXp causes the machine to follow the center of the lines.

I use the offset command in Acad to create a layer of lines that are going to be used as tool pathes.

I create offset lines half the diameter of the cutting tool I am going to be using.

There is also a offset command in SuperCamXp.

If I were making the part I try and cut out the circles and holes with the same end mill that I would be using for drilling holes.

At times it is useful to just make a divit at the drill points. The divit makes it easy to manually drill the holes with appropriate drill bits.

When making electronic connector panels, I use the engraving bit to make drill point divits. I set the depth of cut to 0.05 and use th plot item command.

DXF files imported will show up in SuperCamXp exactly were they are drawn.

Draw the panel to be made, include a layer for the tool path to make the part with.

Turn off all the layers except the ones that are to be used as tool paths.

Export the items in the drawing that are going to be used as tool paths.

Setup the file format to be exported too.

Set the name and the folder to put the exported DXF file.

Make sure the Select Objects check is on.

Select the objects to be exported by windowing around them.

Make sure all the objects you wanted to select got selected.

Execute SuperCamXp and use the DXF, Import command.

Select the DXF file that was just created to be the one imported into SuperCamXp.

Executing the Save command in SuperCamXp creates a file with the .cam extension.

Set the name of the cam file to be created.

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