Getting Familiar with the SuperCamXp and the Taig Mill

Getting familiar with the mill and the SuperCamXp program.

At the bottom left of the main screen is a panel for the USB status.

It should say USB OK. For it to get that the computer at the end of the USB cable is responding and it should say ArmPod Polling in the panel next to it.

The controller box does not have to be turned on for the USB channel to be opened. The computer at the end of the USB is powered by the power in the USB cable, so if the controller box is turned off and the USB cable is plugged in and out it effectively resets the computer in the controller box.

Assuming the USB OK is present the next step is to get the software orientated with the machines location on the table.

The Arrow keys on the keyboard should move the mill table around. The PgUp and PgDn keys will move the Z axis or the spindle up and down.

There are two mode of jog movement. the Mconfig / Speeds / Jog Mode checkbox controls this. If the check is On the appropriate axis will move until the key is lifted. If the check is not present the axis will be move by the Jog XY Incr or Jog Z Incr on the Speeds dialog form.

On the Blue Sidebar menu are two commands SELECT and DESELECT. At the bottom of the screen is there is a status panel that indicates the current condition. Clicking on the Select command should cause the motors to hold their position. When Deselected you should be able to move the motors shaft couplers threw the holes in the stand off tubes.

The pull down Control / Home command needs to be executed once at least to align the SuperCam’s location with the machines location. The Home Z and Home XY commands are combined in the Home command. The home commands move the axis until the limit switches are engaged and notes the position. After it engages the switches it moves to a defined location. These parameters are in the Mconfig / Limits dialog form.

The Blue rectangle on the screen is representing the limits of the machine that it cannot move outside of.

The Sidebar MOVETO command is useful for moving the machine around. The mouse position inside the blue box on left click will be coordinates the mill will move too.

If you have a gamers USB joystick it can also be used to move the mill around.

The Speeds tab on the bottom center has slider bars for setting the speed of movement.

When the spindle is below the Surface coordinate the Cutting speeds are used. The Speed is the starting out speed and the Slew is how fast it speeds up to.

Each time SuperCam is loaded it reads a configuration file with the setup parameters and the coordinates the mill was at the last time the program was loaded. In the University environment I have found it useful to make a separate copy of the configuration file. At least have a backup on the host folder. That is done with the pull down Files / Save Mconfig command.

The mill has servo motors and there are some adjustments that can be made for smoother movements. Clicking on the USB OK panel at the bottom right brings up a dialog form. Clicking on the ARMPOD button of this form brings up the TresServo PID Configuration that has four slider bars for each axis. Most common values are o=20, P=5, I=1 and D=1. The ‘Flash Write Changes to Firmware Flash’ button sets the parameters. Students have been known to zero these values and then the mill will not work. If the values are set to high the mill may have galloping moments.

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