SuperCamXp Main Screen Rolodex
Rolodex on Bottom Right Area of the Main Screen has two Tabs.

Altitude parameter box has the distance above the material surface that the machine's Z axis will be set to during moves from one cut to the next.

Surface parameter is the coordinate of the material surface to be worked with.

Cut Depth parameter is how deep below the surface the tool tip will be driven for cutting moves.

Cancel button cancels the current command.

Apply button applies any changes made to the parameter boxes.

STOP MOTION button stops any current motion of the attached machine.

RlyA button toggles the Relay A state.

RlyB button toggles the Relay B state.

The pattern of buttons is for jogging the X,Y,Z axis motors.

In the center of the pattern is the icon for the joystick operation.

Tspeed is for the Travel Speed adjustments.

Tslew is for the Travel Slew adjustments

Cspeed is for the Cut Speed Adjustments

Cslew is for the Cut Slew Speed Adjustments

Ztslew is for the Z axis Travel slew speed adjustments.

Zcslew is for the Z axis Cutting slew speed adjustments.

STOP button is for stopping any current motion.

Command Menus Arc Array BMP Change Order Circle Copy Erase Line Join Move
Extend Trim Info On Off Moveto DXF Mirror HPGL Rotate Editcnc Grid Export Gcode Scale Snap
Swapend Point Plot Buff Plot Item Text Text Center Text Fit X Y Z

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