SuperCamXp StatusBar at the Top of Main Screen

Status bar across the top of main screen of SuperCamXp.
Clicking on the panels toggles properties of SuperCamXp.

2D/3D toggles the display mode.

Grid this toggles the grid points on or off. The Grid command defines the grid point spacing.

Snap this toggle the mouse snap property on or off. The Snap command entered on the keyboard defines the snap distance. By habit it is half of the Grid distance.

Ortho this toggle the Ortho mode on or off for drawing items.

Coords this toggles the type of information displayed in the Mouse Coordinates area. It may be the cartesian coordinate, angle and distance or distance values.

DrawUp this toggles whether the tool path between cuts will be shown as a dashed line or not.

Drag this toggles wether items will be dragged around in ghost mode when moving, copying, rotating, mirroring and during the execution of other graphic editing methods.

Inches/MM/CM toggles the unit of measurement

Mouse Coordinates displays the current mouse coordinates or information derived from the offset from a base point.

Filename Panel displays the current filename of the .cam file that has been loaded into the drawing buffer.

Simulate panel clicks toggles the Simulate machine motion property on or off. Also keyboard Shift-F4 will also toggle the simulated mode. In Simulated mode there will be screen animated machine movement but the attached machine will not move.

Items Selected panel highlights when items have been selected. When items have been selected, clicking on this panel will deselect all the selected items. A Shift-Backspace will deselect the last item selected.

Command Menus Arc Array BMP Change Order Circle Copy Erase Line Join Move
Extend Trim Info On Off Moveto DXF Mirror HPGL Rotate Editcnc Grid Export Gcode Scale Snap
Swapend Point Plot Buff Plot Item Text Text Center Text Fit X Y Z

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