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G-Code Challenge
G-Code Challenge
The challenge is to take any computer literate person off the street and to sit them down in front of your CAD/CAM software and get them to draw, generate the tool path and produce the G-code to make the simple shape in the attached photographs.
In thirty minutes.
3:59 Minutes
Main Screen
Main Screen this links to SuperCamXp's Main Screen Tutorial.
20:53 Minutes
Function Keys
Review of the Function keys, control keys and jog function keys.
18:14 Minutes
Display Commands
Display commands overview, zoom and pan commands.
4:55 Minutes
MoveTo Command
MoveTo Command
13 Seconds
Setting Motion Speeds
Setting the different motion speeds.
12:10 Minutes
Home Machine Command
This is an overview of the Home command using a Taig Mill.
3:49 Minutes
Setting Material Surface Coordinate
Setting Material Murface Coordinate
3:05 Minutes
Engraving Text
Engraving Text with Taig Micro Mill.
5:25 Minutes
Draw and Cut Demo
Draw and Cut Demonstartion
6:43 Minutes
Using DXF files
Import DXF file, edit contents and engrave a shamrock on a Taig Mill.
6:18 Minutes
DXF To Gcode file
Creates DXF file in Acad by exporting DXF file. Then imports DXF file in SuperCamXp, Exports file as G-code file. Then read file created with MicroSoft Word text editor.
2:38 Minutes
Machine Configuration
Review the Machine Configuation dialog window. Describing each parameter.
15:23 Minutes
Camera Command
Camera Command, demonstrates a USB WebCam to watch machine in motion.
57 Seconds
Installing Web Demo Version
Downloading and installing SuperCamXp from the Web Site DownLoad page.
1:51 Minutes
Installing From CD
Installing SuperCamXp from the release CD.
1:52 Minutes
Installing USB Drivers
Installing USB drivers for the CamPod.
2:30 Minutes
Removing SuperCamXp
Removing the program from the host computer.
1:08 Minutes
FDTI MisMatch Message Fix
After updates the FTDI S#MisMatch message may be displayed in bottom left. This tutorial is how to reset the CamPod USB Device Serial number in SuperCamXp.
1:51 Minutes

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