Installing SuperCamXp's Usb Driver for the CamPod
USB Driver Installation

When CamPod is plugged in the first time the XP operating system will notice it and automatically install it as a USB Serial Converter.

Cancel the automatic installation process.

Use the Control Panel to access the Hardware Drivers List.

Update the Driver for the USB Serial Converter.

Manually select the correct driver from the list.

Select the Control Panel.

Select the System Icon

Select the Device Manager

Select DLP-USB245M from the Universal Serial Bus Controllers list.

Select update the driver for the DLP-USB245M

Click on Install from a list or specific location (Advanced)

Click on Don't Search. Check on the I will choose the driver to install.
If the FTDI FT8U2XX is not on the next screen, back up and set the search path to be C:\Program Files\SuperCamXp\USB_Driver and try again.

Select the FTDI FT8U2XX Device from the list of compatible hardware.
If this does not show in the list or there is nothing in the list of compatible hardware it will be necessary to go back and Search for the best driver. Include C:\Program Files\SuperCamXp\USB_Driver as a folder to search in for the driver.

Click on the Continue Anyway button.

Files are copied to the correct location for XP operating system.

When driver update is complete the FTDI FT8U2XX Device will appear in the list of Universal Serial Bus controllers.

The SuperCamXp USB Control Form, USB IO Tab will show this or something like it when it is intalled properly.

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