THC Hypertherm for DenRay Industries

DenRay THC HyperTherm Project
Website for reference
Remove WinCNC interface
Add interface for SuperCamXp
Change machine from a Router Table to a Plasma Torch Table
Interface ArmPod to THC made by HyperTherm

All Parts
USB ArmPod running Plasma Cutter with THC & SuperCamXp

USB ArmPod modified for Denray Retrofit
With spacers for mounting another bread board on top of it.

Modification to SuperCamXp to enable THC
Added Checkbox to Mconfig/Delays Configuration Dialog.

Machines Controller Box
Motor cables have been disconnect.

HyperTherm Torch Height Control Mechanism

HyperTherm THC Console 806150.pdf
HyperTherm 806150 PDF Manual

Teknic SST-1500 Three Phase Servo Motor Driver Board
Product Manual - SSt-1500 v3.5.pdf

Three Phase Servo Motor for X Axis
8000 Quadrants per Revolution Encoder
Shaft is 0.500 inch diameter with key slot
Servo Motor: M-3462-FH

Y Axis Motor Three Phase Servo
8000 Quadrants per Revolution Encoder
Timing Belt Pully has 0.582 inch diameter
Pully has 16 teeth

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