USB Drivers for ArmPod and TresServo Controller

Download page for USB Drivers for ArmPod and TresServo Controller
This driver is for 32 and 64 bit host computers
Windows Xp through Windows 8 host desktop computers

Connect the USB Cable to the ArmPod or the TresServo Motor Controller.
The host computer should make the USB device connected sound and find the driver automatically.
The host computer will recognize the attached device as a GPS DATA LOGGER serial device with a comm port assigned to it.
The lower the Com Port number assigned the better. SuperCamXp pings the com ports starting at COM1 and ending at COM15.
The Com Port number assigned can be changed by right clicking on the GPS DATA LOGGER device.

Click on the Icon below to download the driver if the host computer does not recognize the USB device as the GPS DATA LOGGER.
Click on the Icon to download the drivers file.

Screen capture of Devices and Printers on Windows 7 computer.

Right Click on the Icon for GPS DATA LOGGER and select click on Properties brings this form up. Click on Hardware tab then the Properties button.

Click on the Advanced... Button.

COM Port Number: button clicks will change the assigned COM Port number.

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