Mconfig/Motors Command

This tab on the Machine Configuration dialog for contains the parameters that define the motors for coordinate positioning's movement parameters.

Steps/Revolution this is the number of steps or increments of movement per revolution of the axis motor. For the TresServo Mill setup this is 2000.

Movement/Revolution this is the linear movement for each revolution of the axis drive motor.

Step Sizes this is the linear motion for each increment of movement.

Maximum Acceleration this si the maximum increase in revolutions per second which defines the maximum ramp if speed increment.

Max Start Steps/Sec this is the maximum instantaneous speed that can be achieved by the attache machine.

Maximum Steps/Sec this is the maximum number of increments of movement the axis motors can sustain. This defines the maximum slew speed.

Motor Type this defines the type of motors attached. It can be Stepper, Servo or Servo STA.

Calculate Step Sizes this button calculate the step sizes by dividing the Movement/Revolution by the Steps/Revolution and puts the results in the Step Sizes textboxes.

Mechanism Type this sets the type of machine attached as Spindle, XY Torch or XYZ Torch types of machines.

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