Copy Command
Copy command copies graphic items.

The copy command can be selected from:
  The sidebar menu.
  The Edit pull down menu.
  By entering copy on the command line.

First prompt
Select Item to Copy <next|end>:

Second prompt
Base Point <Pick|Done>:

Third prompt
Offset Point <Pick|Done>:

Console area messages displayed during Copy command.

This command is used to copy graphic items in the drawing buffer.

Individual items can be selected or groups of items can be selected and copied.

To select a group of items depress the left mouse button and drag the mouse.  An enveloping window will be created, all items that are completely inside the window when the left mouse button is clicked will be selected.

After the items have been selected the the command line will display Base Point:  This is the point of reference for the move. 

The next prompt is for the offset point.  These two points and the relationship to each other determine how the graphic items will be copied.

The copy command can be selected from the EDITOR pull-down menu, in the Main menu sidebar found to the left of the graphics window or by entering copy on the command line.

When selecting the copy command the command line will prompt, select item <nxt:end>:. The crosshair cursor changes and there is a small box at the intersection. This box is the selection area. Place this box over the object, or a part of the object, and select by clicking the left mouse button. Several objects can be selected by using the window method. Move the cursor outside of the area that the objects utilize and click the left mouse button. This starts the first corner of a window that can be drawn around all the desired objects. Move the mouse to a point where all objects are inside the window, then click the left mouse button again. The objects’ color will change to red signifying it has been selected.

The command line will prompt, <nxt:end>, for another selection. Repeating the selection command as before, other objects can be moved at the same time. To end the selection(s) click the right mouse button.

The command line will prompt, base point:,. This point can be anywhere in the graphics window. Where this point is selected could be very important. If the object is a circle, the center could be a snap to point. By selecting the center, the circle can be moved with more precision. The top bar, above the graphics window, displays the coordinates of the cursor. To select the base point, click the left mouse button on the desired point in the graphics window.

The drag mode can be turned off by holding down the shift key and pressing F5. Shift-F5 toggles the drag mode on/off. This can be very helpful when complex graphic items are being dragged on the screen.

The command line will prompt, base point: 3.0000, 6.0000, offset point:. The command line now displays the points selected for the base point. The object(s) selected gets copied and its color is green. The top bar, above the graphics window, will display the offset distance and offset angle as the object(s) is being dragged with the cursor. The drag mode (on) shows the copied object with respect to the original position of the object. The offset point is selected by dragging the object(s) to the desired coordinate and clicking the left mouse button. The object(s) is now copied to another location.

The coordinates for base point and offset point can be entered by the keyboard. The base point requires an x, y coordinate and the offset point has the format, @distance of movement<angle. To resume the copy command, click the right mouse button.

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