Mconfig/Delays Command

This tab on the Machine Configuration dialog form contains the delay factors in motion control. The time parameters are expressed in milliseconds, hence 1200 equals 1.2 seconds of delay.

Initial Delay this is the time taken for the spindle motor to spin up to speed or a plasma torch delay to clear the line at first on.

Down Delay this the time it will dewell when the spindle has achieved the depth of cut or when a torch starts a cut which would be the burn through time.

Up Delay this is the time it will delay at the end of a cut.

Ramp Period this the time increment for the ramp parameters to be applied for acceleration and deceleration. This value should be 0.01 which translates to 100 times per second the rate of motion will be adjusted for acceleration and deceleration.

Direction Delay this is the time it will delay when a drastic change in motion takes place. Mostly this is legacy parameter for stepper motor driven machines with massively heavy tables or gantries.

Direction Angle this is the angle sine that defines when a change in direction has occurred.

Motion Blender when this check is marked the motion engine looks ahead for changes in direction that the machine cannot handle and accelerates and decelerates across segments of movement.

Blend Frequencies this is a legacy check and no longer has effect.

Reject Angle this is the reject angle for the motion engine. If the angle between two segments of movement exceed this angle the motion engine will deccelerate to the node and accelerate away from the node. There is a slider bar for adjusting this parameter. The default value is 12.7 degrees and on some toolpaths a value of 10 or less can work best.

Accumulate Small this is the distance that will be accumulatied for very small segment. It should be multiples of the smallest step size.

Auto Size this is a legacy parameter.

Min Move Dist this is the minimum distance accepted as a segment. This can be useful when toolpaths have been scaled down in size and the subsequent movements end up being atomicly small.

Auto Start Dist this is the distance of movement that will be downloaded into the USB device before movement is started. This is so the USB signal generator never catches up with the main programs download of motion parameters.

Auto Relay B this determine how Relay B will act.
Off Relay B is not automatically turned on/off.
Plunge Cut Relay B is turned on during the plunging motion of the spindle.
Cut Relay B is turned on when in cutting motion.
Cut Slew Relay B is turned on when cutting motion is at slew speed.
Freeze THC this is for freezing a Torch Height Control when it is coming to a corner.

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