Mconfig/Limits Command

This is a tab on the Machine Configuration form for defining the mechanical limits of the attached machine.

Positive Direction these buttons toggle the axis motors direction of movement to cause the machine to move in a positive direction. The button caption toggles between CW and CCW which stands for Clock Wise or Counter Clock Wise.

Home Direction this is the direction of movement for each axis to move to ultimately engage the Home Limit Switch for each axis.

Home Location this is the coordinate location of where the machine is when the Home Limit Switches are engaged.

Home Go To this is the coordinates of where the machine will go to after the Home Limit Switches have been engaged by a homing command.

Limit Maximum this is the maximum coordinate values for each axis.

Limit Minimum this is the minimum coordinate values for each axis.

Compensation this is the amount to be added for each axis when a backlash compensation movement is required.

Switch Mode these buttons toggle the polarity of the Home Limit Switches sensing engagement with HIGH or LOW signals.

Units of Length this can be Inches, MM or CM units of movement.

Enable Limits when this check is on the machines movements will be limited to the working volume defined by the above paramenters. When it is not checked the machine motion is not checked to see if it will exceed the working volume of the machine.

Switch Active when this button has the ON legend the machine will stop when a limit switch is engaged. When it is OFF no action will be taken when a limit switch is engaged.

Compensation this check when on will add backlash compensation when changes in axis direction occur.

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