Plotitem Command

Graphic items in the graphics area can be selected one by one or in groups.

The order in which the items are selected is the order in which the machine will execute the tool movement.

When an item is selected it will turn red.

First thing it does is permit user to select graphic items to follow with the cutting tool. The mouse cursor crosshair will now have a box at the intersection.

To select an individual item put the crosshair box on an edge and left click the mouse.

To select a group of items click down on the left mouse button and drag the mouse. Once an encapsulating window appears on the screen let up on the left mouse button. Drag the mouse until the window completely surrounds the graphic items you want to select.

To end the selection process click the right mouse button.

Item Count contains the number of graphic items that are currently selected. To deselect the last item selected the keystroke Shift-Backspace will do that. Clicking on the Top Status bar 'Items Selected' will deselect all the currently selected items.

Peck checkbox when checked will peck cycle cut each graphic item to the final cutting depth before moving on to the next graphic item to cut.

Altitude textbox displays how high above the surface the cutting tip will travel between cutting moves.

Surface textbox displays the current Z coordinate for the materials surface.

Depth textbox displays the current distance below the surface the cutting tip will be driven by the Z axis for the tool pass.

Incr checkbox when checked will cause the a multi pass making progressively deeper cuts until it reaches the Final Cut depth making each pass deeper by the Incr Cut distance.

Final Cut textbox contains the final cutting depth for multi passes to cut the selected items.

Incr Cut textbox contains the incremental cut amount for each pass when the Incr checkbox is checked.

Apply button applies any changes made to the program properties after a change has been made to a textbox.

Exit button exits the PlotItem command.

Zmax checkbox when clicked will cause the Z axis to be moved to the maximum value for the Z axis at the end of the tool path movements. This gets the cutting tool out of the way and easier to inspect the results and remove the stock material.

Z Max button will move the Z axis to the maximum position.

MoveTo button will let the user move the spindle around with a mouse click in the graphics area or keyboard coordinates.

SetMsurf button lets the user set the material surface coordinate.

Z Surface button moves the spindle down to the material surface coordinate.

SetXYLoc button lets the user redefine the spindle location in the working volume of the attached machine.

XY to Zero button move the spindle to the Zero location for X and Y axis motors.

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