Set Material Surface Coordinate

This command is used to define the surface of the material in relation to the Z axis.  The mouse keys can be used to adjust the position of the machine's spindle until it just barely touches the surface.  Very thin paper can be used to gauge the clearance.

The left mouse button will cause the Z axis to move downward until the button is not depressed.  It moves at ever increasing speed until the maximum steps per second is reached.

The right mouse button moves the Z axis up until it is not depressed.

This command is also found on the side menu.

Once the surface has been registered, the enter key on the keyboard will exit the loop and return the program to the main input loop.

Care must be taken when cutting tools are changed.  This command returns to where it was before being executed upon it's completion.   This can cause the new cutting tool to be driven into the material.  This occurs when the cutting tool is changed while in the setmsurf command.

The setsurf command can be selected from the Control and Setup pull-down menus, from the Main menu sidebar, to the right of the graphics window, listed as "set surface" or by entering "setsurf" of on the command line.

Selecting the mconfig command, in the Setup pull-down menu, displays a window where the value for the set surf (matl surface) can be entered also.

When selecting the setsurf (set surface) command the command line will prompt, "setmsurf, Material Surface at 0.0000 <dwn:up>". The displayed value (0.000) will be the last value where the material surface was set. The buttons on the mouse relate to the "dwn:up". Clicking the right mouse button will move the tool down towards the material and the left mouse button will move the tool up away from the material. If the left (down) or right (up) mouse button is held down the tool will continue moving until the button is released. By just clicking on these buttons the tool is jogged down or up in increments of 0.0025 inches. When the tool is at the desired location pressing the "Enter" key, on the keyboard, ends the command and the tool will resume the position it had before the set surface command.

The setsurf command must be executed every time the cutting tool is changed, the material is location is different or material is changed or the mechanism is turned on. Whenever there could be a deviation in the value of the material surface.

NOTE: Setting the material surface away from the actual surface is a good way to test a cutting path before actually cutting into the material. When the tool is nearing the surface of the material a good way to set the surface is to place a fine piece of paper between the material and the tool (like a piece of newspaper). By moving the paper, as the tool is moved closer to the material, it will be caught between the tool and the material. This way it is easier to know when the tool is actually at the surface of the material.

To resume the setsurf command, click the right mouse button or press "Enter" on the keyboard.

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