First Annoucement SuperCamXp and CamPod

Recently I have been able to release for publishing a new machine tool operating system software program, which operates with the Windows XP host operating system.

The new program's name is SuperCamXp. It works via the USB port and the CamPod.

The CamPod is also a new product. It is a small metal box that has a parallel port connector on one end and a USB connector on the other end. Inside the box is a single board computer that acts as a signal generator. With the purchase of the CamPod is included the SuperCamXp program. This is a plug and play way of updating your machine control computer to the Windows XP operating system.

I have been able to make enhancements to the motion control algorithms in SuperCamXp. Ramping movement is now blended over multiple segments, this could be described as a trajectory planner. Also I have implemented adaptive arc cord features to the motion planner. These two enhancements greatly improve through put, I have been able to do the same cut jobs in one third of the time that it use to take. And the arcs and circles cut as smooth as can be.

SuperCamXp is a multithread application specifically written for the multi-tasking environment that Windows XP offers. Best performance is going to be realized on Intel P4's with Hyper Thread option. I think the new Duo processors will work even better. I have base line tested with a 1.3 Ghz generic laptop so you do not have to have the top of the line computer to use it.

Multiple CamPods can be attached to the host computer at the same time. Thus one computer can act as multiple machine tool controllers. Or, you can browse the web, get caught up on the news by watching web videos or maybe handle email all while the machine is running.

Included in SuperCamXp are controls for a generic USB Camera so you can set up to watch your machine from your computer's screen.

I have been using SuperCamXp with a Taig Micro Mill with servo motors since August of 2005.

I am able to offer USB motor controllers, the USB motor indexer has been embedded on boards for half step and micro stepping motors.

Thank you for your support.

Dennis Bohlke


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