Gcode and SuperCamXp
Description of the G&M code features of SuperCamXp

Machine Console - Simplified user interface for repetative execution of G and M code files.

Import - Import and execute or display G and M code files.

Edit Execute - Edit and Execute G and M code files.

Export - Create G and M code files from graphic items in drawing.

Conversational - Manually input G and M code lines to execute.

Settings - Current settings for creating G and M code files.

Machine Console
This is a special command in that if it is executed as the last command that uses a file, it will be become the main screen of SuperCamXp on the next program load.
If the motor controller is deselected the tool path will be graphically displayed.
If the motor controller is selected the tool path will be executed.
Edit Execute
This is for editing G&M code files and also executing them.
This is how graphic items in the drawing or the whole drawing is converted into G&M code files.
Manual Data Input
Enter G & M code one line at a time and the attached machine will do as told.
For how G and M Code files are created with the Export command.

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