PFET TresServo PID Configuration for Setting Gains and Power Offset

PFET TresServo PID Configuration
First Click on USB OK panel on bottom left of main screen
Then Click on the ARMPOD button on the Cam Pod Control Dialog
That will bring up this dialog form to set the PID gains and Power Offset
The Motor Voltage texbox shows the current voltage of the Power Supply
Motor Voltage ~ Normally 25 to 27 Voltages

For each Motor there are these slider bars
O is for the Power Offset ~ default 20
P is for Proportional Gain ~ default 7
I is for Integral Gain ~ default 1
D is for Derivative Gain ~ default 1
IRQ TmCnt ~ default 10.00466

The columns of data display the real time PID data that changes
Err - Shows Encoder Data Errors it should be zero
Cnt - Shows how far off the zero
Encoder Real - keeps track of the encoder sum
Step Count - keeps track of the Step Count
Pterm - displays the current Proportional gain
Iterm - displays the Intergral gain
Dterm - displays the Derivative Gain
Cur - shows motor current reading
Pwr - shows the motor power in watts
Max Off - displays the maximum offset from zero

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