Erase Command
The Erase command deletes graphic items from the drawing buffer.

The erase command can be selected from:
  The sidebar menu.
  The Edit pull down menu.
  By entering erase on the command line.

The First prompt, Select Item to Erase <next|end>:
  Select the object to be erased with the left mouse button.
  Several objects can be selected by using the window method.
  Right click to end the selection process.

The objects color will change to the highlight color signifying it has been selected.

When all desired objects have been selected, right click the mouse button to end the selection process.

The Last prompt, Erase # Selected Items <No|Yes>?
  Right click on the mouse will erase the selected items.
  Left click on the mouse will not erase the selected items.

When using a window to select items there is a different selection process:
  Left to right items are selected if completely inside the select window's border.
  Right to left items are selected if inside and or are touching the border of the select window.

The select window is draw in different colors depending direction of the windows creating mouse movements.

Control-Z will undo the Erase command.

Console area messages displayed during Erase command.

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