Line Command
Line command is used to draw lines.

The line command can also be selected from:
  The sidebar menu.
  The Draw pull down menu.
  By entering line at the command prompt.

Prompts for the start and end of a line. Pressing Enter, Space or Escape exits the command. The mouse can be used as a pointer.

The first prompt, Line Start <Pick|Done>:
This is an X,Y coordinate for the starting point of the line.
  Left clicking the mouse on a point in the graphics area.
  Right clicking the mouse exits the command.
  The keyboard can be used to input the starting x.xxx,y.yyy coordinates.

The next prompt, Line End <Pick|Done>:
  For the end point of the line.
  The coordinates can be entered as x.xxx,y.yyy
  Or as offset from the last node, @Distance<Angle for the next node or end.
  These coordinates are given the same as for the line start.
  After the end selection has been completed the line segment is drawn.
  The coordinates for End are displayed in the console area.

Then it prompts, Next End <Pick|Done>:
  If a second line is desired another coordinate must be entered in the same manner as described above.
  This second line will be drawn with the start point at the same location as the end point of the previous line.

When prompted for the Next End <Pick|Done>:, the coordinates are actually the end point of the next segment or the end of the line.

The command line will continue to prompt for next end until clicking the right mouse or the 'Enter' key on the keyboard is pressed, thereby ending the line command.

The coordinates will be displayed each time they are selected.

Line command console area messages displayed during Line command execution.

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