Mach - Machine Console Command

Files Pull Down Menu

Load File - Used to load another Gcode file.

Save - Saves current contents of the Gcode textbox to the current filename.

Save As - Saves the Gcode textbox contents to a file specified by user.

CAD GUI - Displays the Cad Graphic User Interface and and make available all its capabilities or hide it if already displayed.

Properties - Displays the properties of the currently loaded file, number of characters and lines in the file along with the filename in a message box.

Exit - Exits from SuperCamXp if the Cad Graphic User Interface is not visible or closes the Machine Console and returns the user interface to the CAD GUI form.

Display Pull Down Menu

Settings - Brings up the Gcode Settings form. Scale and Offsets can be set for the execution of the code.

Large Text - Sets the text size to large in the Gcode textbox.

Medium Text - Sets the text size to medium in the Gcode textbox.

Small Text - Sets the text size to small in the Gcode textbox.

Control Pull Down Menu

Deselect - Deselects the CNC Machines Motor Drivers. This permits manual manipulation of the axis motors. The background color will turn to Blue.

Select - Select enables the CNC Machine's Motor Drivers. Placing the machine in a ready to go state. The background color will turn to Red.

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