Computer Controlled Wood Routers, 3 Axis Mills, Plasma Torches, Lasers, XYZ Tables.
Drives Four, Size 34, Stepper     Motors.
Two Y Axis Motors Synchronized.
5 Ampere/Phase Maximum Unipolar Current.
2 Solid State 3 Ampere AC Control Relays.
Desktop Parallel Port Interface.
Designed to Operate with SuperCam
, Included!

The XYYZ Electronic Motor Controller was designed to drive large heavy duty stepper motors. It uses the parallel printer port to control four Unipolar stepper motors, no modification or additions must be made to the computer. Stepper motors can be driven without taking the cover off the computer. Hookup tothe computer is as simple as plugging a cable into the Parallel Printer Port on your computer. Theinterface connector is a DB25 female, with the standard pin out. A straight Male to Malecable is provided to connect to the PC parallel printer port.

We have put together kits of products that provide all the required items to control XYZ mechanisms.  These are suitable for controlling Milling Machines, Plasma Torches, Wood Routers and large XYZ tables with working area's larger than eight (8) foot by five (5) foot.  The controller and motors are powerful enough to sufficiently drive a gantry weighing more than 100 pounds.  The synchronized Y motors permit machine designs that have the gantry bridge drive at both ends.

The internal solid state relays can be used to switch AC voltage, the intent isfor them to be used to control much larger external relays appropriate for the power tool being controlled, The actual tool control relay is not include.

The XYYZ Electronic Motor Controller was developed to be plug and play compatible with the CNC machine control program, SuperCam which is included. File formats of DXF, HPGL, G-code , BMP image files can be used as tool paths. Graphics User Interface for easy direct machine control via the mouse or keyboard commands. With seventeen built in Fonts for engraving. Full 3D G-code interpreter. Compatible with the METRIC measuring system by changing the linear step distance parameter to a metric measurement. Requires 486DX MS-DOS system with 2 megabyte RAM memory, 640X480 16 Color Video Display, Mouse and Parallel Printer Port. SuperCam does not yet work with Microsoft XP or in Windows 2000.

The electronics was created specifically to drive an XYZ table with amoving gantry type mechanical design. Two Y axis stepper motors are synchronized. Thisprovides the electronic requirements to drive a gantry at both ends.

There is a Home Limit Switch circuit for each stepper motor. Whenperforming the SuperCam home command, the stepper motors step until engaging their individual limit switches. The Y1 & Y2 motors are synchronized via the limit switches. When the Y1 motor engages the limit switch it stops stepping, the Y2 motor continuesstepping until engaging it's limit switch. The Y axis at limit condition is not senseduntil both Y1 and Y2 limit switches have been engaged. For all subsequent movements,the Y1 & Y2 motor amplifier circuits are simultaneously fed the same Step andDirection signals. The SuperCam switches command displays the status of the limitswitches.

The controller also can be used to drive only three stepper motors,this configuration is good for XYZ mechanical table designs that move the material, suchas a metal working Mill and some engraving machines. The unused Y2 limit switch circuitmust be jumped, pins 8 and 9, to the engaged condition to operate the home commandproperly with only three stepper motors.

There are two internal solid state relays that can be used to controlother items such as a Spindle, Plasma Torch, Laser and Coolant on/off. The maximum contactswitching current is 3 Ampere. The contacts can handle 20-145 Volts AC. The SuperCamcommands ona, offa, onb and offb turn the relays on/off. The SuperCam setmechcommand will set the operational mode, when "0", no automatic relay activity, when "1", Relay A will turn on/off such that it can be used to control a Laser or Plasma Torch. There is a four circuit Terminal Block on the front panel to attach wires to the internal relay's contacts.

Motor timing signals are created by the L297 integrated circuit. Thediscrete motor phase drivers are HEXFETs that are rated at 41 amperes and 83watts of power dissipation. The motor driver HEXFET’s are attached to large heatsinksat both sides of the board inside the box. Each heat sink dissipates the heat generated by the drivers of two stepper motors. There are two internal fans, mounted in the rear of the box(one forcing air into the box and the other out of the box), to provide air cooling of the power dissipating components. Individual motor currents are adjustable by internal trim pots. The circuit works on small and big stepper motors. The major current limiting element is the DB connectors which are rated at 5 amperes per contact circuit.

The drive circuit is for Unipolar wired motors, that's motors with five or six wires. The motors are driven in half step mode. Internal jumpers can be changed to make the unit drive the motors in full step mode, which will enhance the torque but change the steps per revolution from 400 to 200. In Half step mode, most motors can make 3-4 revolutions per second dependent upon load to motor. There are separate connectors for each X, Y1, Y2 and Z stepper motors. The individual motor connectors are female DB9, besides the motor phase circuits, there are limit switch and +12 Volt output circuits.

The electronics is powered by a standard 28 to 36 Volt power supply to power the motion control motors.

The controller is housed in a steel utility box. The steel box dimensions are: Height 6" x Width 12" x Length 12". 

The motor controller has a one year warranty. Shipping Weight is ~24 lbs.

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