EMC-XYYZB-BX CNC Machine Tool Motor Controller for XYZ Tables and Machines

CNC Controller for Dual Motor Gantry Machines such as Plasma Torches and Router Tables

Directly Drives Four Bipolar Stepper Motors
Two Y Axis Motors Synchronized or Independent
Designed to work with NEMA 23 size Stepper Motors
400 Steps per Revolution
2.5 Ampere/Phase Maximum Bipolar Current
Two(2) Relays with 10 Amp. Contacts for controlling Spindle, Torch and/or Coolant.
Input voltage can be 120/240 VAC, 50 or 60 HZ.

Step and Direction Interface, Desktop PC Parallel Port Interface

A Male to Male Parallel Printer port cable is provided to connect to the desktop PC.

The individual stepper motor connectors are DB9 female.

Stepper Motors with Unipolar windings can also be used.

Stepper Motor Phase current is trim pot adjustable.

Drivers have High/Low power signal input, when in Low power the motor phase current is about 1/3 of the high power current setting.

During machine inactivity the motors are idling at the low power current level to reduce motor heating and provide a holding torque for the attached mechanisms.

The electronics were created specifically to drive a XYZ table with a moving gantry type mechanical design.

Two Y axis stepper motors are synchronized along with independent limit switches, providing the electronic requirements to drive a gantry at both ends.

There is a Home Limit Switch circuit for each stepper motor. The Y1 & Y2 motors are synchronized via the home limit switches.

During the Home command, when the Y1 motor engages the limit switch it stops stepping, the Y2 motor continues stepping until engaging the limit switch, and visa versa.

The Y axis at limit condition is not sensed until both Y1 and Y2 limit switches have been engaged.  For all subsequent movements, the Y1 & Y2 motor amplifier circuits are simultaneously fed the same Step and Direction signals.

Two fans provide forced air cooling and have grills and foam filters for keeping metal shavings out of the inside of the box.

The internal power supply provides 24 Volts at maximum current draw of 6.5 Ampere.

The controller is housed in a steel utility box painted grey. The steel box dimensions are: Height 4" x Width 10" x Length 10". 

Shipping Weight is 14 lbs.

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