MightyBx IIIB Parallel Port Signal Pin Assignments

The MightyBx IIIB uses a standard PC Parallel Port interface to attach to the Desktop computer.  Parallel port signal wires are electronically buffered from the motor driver chips.  Motor step signals are normally low.

Axis X motor Step is on Pin 2, Direction is on Pin 3, Limit Switch on Pin 11.

Axis Y motor Step is on Pin 4, Direction is on Pin 5, Limit Switch on Pin 12.

Relay A is on Pin 4, Relay B is on Pin 5.

Axis Z motor Step is on Pin 8, Direction is on Pin 9, Limit Switch on Pin 13.

ENABLE on Pin 14 engages the motors when high.

*INIT on Pin 16 disables the controller when Low.

HIPWR on Pin 17 enables high current to motors, when low the current is about 1/3 of the high current.

During machine inactivity the motors are idling at the low power current level to reduce motor heating and provide a holding torque for the attached mechanisms.

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