MightyBx IIIB Price List
CNC Stepper Motor Controller, Drives 3 MotorsPart# EMC-XYZB-BX  XYZ, Bipolar, 400 Step/Rev, 2.5 Amp. Maximum, Three(3) Motor, Three(3) Axis, Step Motor Controller. Internal 24 Volt 6.5 Amp. Power Supply, 150 Watt 120/240 switchable. Two DC fans for forced air cooling. Parallel Port Step and Direction interface, Male to Male Parallel Printer Port Cable included. In metal utility box 10 x 10 x 4 inches. For a three(3) motor application.   Weight: 12 lbs........$795.00

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MightyBx IIIB Adjustments Parallel Port Signals Motor Connector Price List Mach3 Config File

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