Adjusting Stepper Motor Phase Current
There are three test points on the internal circuit board. One for each attached motor. The ground reference to the test points is logic ground.

This is where the Black lead of the meter should be placed to measure or adjust the current for each attached stepper motor.

Where the Red and Black probe of DVOM goes to measure motor phase current. Black probe goes to the power ground end of the R29 resister.
Set the meter to read volts. Make adjustments to the trimpot nearest the test point.
2.54 Volts = 1.0 Amp
4.75 Volts = 2.0 Amp
7.44 Volts = 3.0 Amp
9.69 Volts = 4.0 Amp
11.73 Volts = <5.0 Amp

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