EMC-XYZ/XYY-G No Z axis Idle Current changes

The integrated circuit OPT3 pins 5 and 6 control the idle current for the Z Axis driver.

If either or both are not connected the driver will remain at current per phase determined by the combined resistance of R9 and TR3.

The Gecko drive it self may go to a idle current after a short period of inactivity.

That is normally 1/3 of the current determined by the resistance presented between pins 11 and 12 of the Gecko G201A stepper motor driver.

I suggest that OP3 be removed and the pins be bent out, so that the when you have re-insert it, the pins do no go down into the socket.

(none)cell 1

(none)cell 1

OP3 removed

IC out of Socket with pins bent up

OP3 with two pins lifted out of socket
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