GeckoPwr III Parallel Port Pin Assignments
Parallel Port Pin Assignments

The GeckoPwr III uses a standard PC Parallel Port interface to attach to the Desktop computer.

Parallel port signal wires are not electronically buffered from the motor driver chips.

Motor step signals are normally high.

Axis X motor Step is on Pin 2, Direction is on Pin 3, Limit Switch on Pin 11.

Axis Y motor Step is on Pin 4, Direction is on Pin 5, Limit Switch on Pin 12.

Relay A is on Pin 4, Relay B is on Pin 5.

Axis Z motor Step is on Pin 8, Direction is on Pin 9, Limit Switch on Pin 13.

ENABLE on Pin 14 engages the motors when high.

*INIT on Pin 16 disables the controller when Low.

HIPWR on Pin 17 enables high current to motors, when low the current is about 1/3 of the high current.

During machine inactivity the motors are idling at the low power current level to reduce motor heating and provide a holding torque for the attached mechanisms.

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