Making Adjustments to the EMC-XYZGS-BX
For each Servo Motor there is a driver module. On each module there are three trimpots. Gain, Dampening and Current.

The Current trimpot controls the maximum current to the servo motor. Turn this trimpot all the way clockwise.

The Gain trimpot controls the responsiveness of the motor. This should be almost conpletely counter clockwise.

The Dampening trimpot controls the responsiveness of the motor. This trimpot has the greatest effect on generating Servo Faults. Adjust with the Benchmark command exercising the motor.

This is a closeup of the points to put the jumper on the circuit board. It is approximately in the center of the board.
The jumper has been put in place to set the trimpots on all the Servo Drive Modules. When this jumper is in place the Servo Fault status is not sent to the host computer. With this jumper in place and executing the Benchmark command to test the performance of the attached servo motor is greatly simplified.
The SuperCam Benchmark command is used to exercise the attached motors. It is executed either by typing "Benchmark" or Control-B at the command prompt.
This is a diagnostic command that has no regard for any attached mechanism.
Servos for Plasma Tables Servo Motors

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