EMC-XYZ-GSBX and EMC-XYYZ-GSBX Parallel Input/Output Pin Signal Assignments
On the back of the controller box is a standard DB25 Female connector that attaches to the Parallel port on a desktop computer's parallel port with a straight male to male cable.

The pin assignments conform to the our stepper machine tool controllers with the exception that Pin 15 is used to indicate to SuperCam the Servo Fault condition.

The signal directions are with respect to the Controller Box.

Pin 2 input X axis step.
Pin 3 input X movement direction.
Pin 4 input Y axis step.
Pin 5 input Y movement direction.
Pin 6 input Relay A on when high.
Pin 7 input Relay B on when high.
Pin 8 input Z axis step.
Pin 9 input Z movement direction.
Pin 11 output X limit switch.
Pin 12 output Y limit switch.
Pin 13 output Z limit switch.
Pin 14 input START
Pin 15 output Servo Fault
Pin 16 input must be high
Pin 17 input STOP
Pins 18 through 25 are ground, signal return.

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