EMC-XYZ-GSBX CNC Machine Tool Controller
Computer Interface :Standard Parallel Port, Female DB25 connector on box
Input Power :117 VAC or 220 VAC
Internal Power Supply :60 Volts DC unregulated
Axis :X, Y, Z
(option xyy) X, Y1, Y2 the two(2) Y axis motors are Synchronized
Motor Type :Brushed Servo Motor
with Quadrant TTL optical encoder
Motor Sizes :NEMA 23 or NEMA 34 frame size
Motor Drive Configuration :Servo Gecko 320 drives
TTL optical encoder
Motor Connectors :Female DB15 connector one for each motor
Minimum Step Pulse Width :5 microsecond, Normally Low
Limit Switches :One per Motor Connector, Pin 14 & 15
(option xyy)Y limit switches are used to synchronize Y motors
Relays :Two internal 10 ampere contact relays
Four(4) circuit Terminal block on connector panel for hookup
Cooling :Large internal Heatsink for Drive modules
Cabinet Contruction :All Metal UL approved electrical enclosure
Connections Face Plate :Power ON/OFF Switch
Parallel Interface DB25 Female Connector
Three(3) DB15 Female Connectors
Terminal Block, four(4) circuit
Emergency Stop Push Button Switch
Box Size :12" X 12" X 6"
Color :Tool Grey with Black Connection Panel
Mounting Hole Pattern :Four(4) 0.25 holes, 10.0 Inch Square Pattern
Total Shipping Weight :18 lbs
Servo Motors

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