Jumpers on the Geckodrive G201 Stepper Motor Drive Modules

This is the default setting as we receive them from Geckodrive.

This is the way you want to make the jumpers to disable the automatic current reducing feature.

This is the Geckodrive G201 module completely disconnected.

This is the back of the Geckodrive G201. Notice the two philips head screws. These need to be removed to get the cover off.

Use a fine tipped Philips head screwdriver. Take care not to loose the little screws that are remove, finding on the floor is a chore.

You got to jiggle the cover just a little to clear the LED that is on the front side.

This is what the inside of the Geckodrive G201 looks like. Notice the jumpers in the upper left corner of the picture.

When you put the cover back on, be careful to get the LED through the hole.

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