EMC-XXYY-MUBT Controller Setup to Work with Foamworks Software

Connector Panel with all the Cables Attached

Four(4) Stepper Motors

Motor Controller Box

Foamworks Configuration Setup

Controller and Motors running with Mach3 Software

Controller and Motors running with Mach3 Software
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EMC-XXYY-MUBT Technical Reference
Part Number: EMC-XXYY-MUBT
Controller setup for hot wire machine.
Two independent XY sets of motors.
400, 800, 1600, 3200 steps per revolution.
Jumpers on PCB set step resolution per motor.
For Unipolar, six wire stepper motors.
Built in power supply.
120 or 240 VAC input power.
One Relay for hot wire on/off.
Home Limit Switch Circuit for Each Motor.

Parallel Port Step and Direction Inputs.
Limit Status Circuit for each Motor.

Drivers Always Enabled.
High Power To Motors Always.
*INIT Low, P16, Disables Motor Drivers.
Set to 400 Steps/Rev.
Relay A Contacts TB1 #1 and #2 Screws

Host Outputs
Relay A - Pin 1
X1 Step - Pin 2
X1 Direction - Pin 3
Y1 Step - Pin 4
Y1 Direction - Pin 5
X2 Step - Pin 6
X2 Direction - Pin 7
Y2 Step - Pin 8
Y2 Direction - Pin 9

Inputs to Host
X1 Limit - Pin 11
Y1 Limit - Pin 12
X2 Limit - Pin 15
Y2 Limit - Pin 13

Stepper Motor Connector.
One for Each Axis, X1, Y1, X2, Y2.
All operate independently.

For each motor there is a current adjusting trimpot.
Next to each trimpot is a test point.
The voltage at the test point will reflect what the phase current will be for that motor.
Doubling the voltage read will equal the phase current setting.
For each motor there is a set of jumpers that define the steps per revolution for that motor.
The possible settings are 400, 800, 1600 or 3200 steps per revolution.

Schematic of the Printed Circuit Board.

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