Four(4) Servo Motors, CNC XYYZ Controller and Cables

Part Number: EMC-XYYZ-GSDX-K4B

XYYZ Servo Motor Controller with four (4) Servo Motor Drives
Differential Amplifiers for Encoder Signals from the Motors
One Geckodrive G320 module for each Servo Motor
Two(2) Servo Motors are synchronized for driving a gantry type machine at both ends.
Four (4) NEMA 34 Servomotors Torque 850 oz/in, 72 Volt, 8.5 Amp Ratings
60 Volt, 10.4 Amp Internal Power Supply
One Male to Male Parallel Printer Port Cable

Four(4) servo motor cables, manufactured to customer specified lengths servo motor cables
Independent Isolated Power Supply for Encoder Signals
Extreme Resistance to Electrical Interference
Crush Resistant Home Limit Switch included with each Servo Motor
Ready Made and Ready to Go! No Soldering required

Connect the controller to your computer, load the software and watch the motors run, then mount the motors to your machine and you are ready to go.

NEMA34 Servo Motor with Diffential Encoder Signals Amplifier 
Price List
Brushed Servomotors, Controller, Cables BundlePart# EMC-XYYZ-GSDX-K4B  XYYZ, Four (4) Motor, Three(3) Axis, Differential Encoder input, Brushed Servo Motor Controller. The two Y motors are synchronized for driving a machine gantry at both ends. Internal 60 Volt, 10.4 Amp Power Supply, input voltage is 120/240 VAC. Includes: Four (4) NEMA 34 Servomotors Torque 850 oz/in; One Male to Male Parallel Printer Port Cable; Four (4) 10 ft. motor cables. In metal box 12 x 12 x 6 inches.   Weight: 87 lbs........$4,495.00
PN#USB-CamPod, CNC USB Motor Controller, 3 Axis XYZ, Includes SuperCamXpPart# USB-CamPod  CamPod is USB to Parallel Port Type Connector for XYZ Three Axis Motor Indexer for Generating Step and Direction Signals for Motor Drivers and Relay Control signals. Comes with SuperCamXp Machine Control Program, Windows Xp, Windows 7 and Vista Compatible CNC Machine Tool Motor Control. CAD Graphical User Interface Alternative to Mach3.   Weight: 2 lbs........$495.00

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