MNR-IV-1285 Desktop Computer Controlled Dremel Drill
Engraving, Wood model making
Making Plastic Parts
Metal engraving
Working with Wax models
Circuit Board Engraving and Drilling
Jewelery Making
Connects to Parallel Port of Desktop Computer
No need to remove cover of computer to connect
Imports DXF, HPGL or G-code files
Seventeen different Engraving Fonts
Open Bottom For Chip and Dust Pan
Flat Plained Corian Table surface
Pattern of #8-32 threaded holes for material clamping

Front view of MiniRobo 1285

Back view of MiniRobo 1285

Dremel Drill Mounted on Carriage

EMC-XYZB-BX Included with MiniRobo 1285

MiniRobo Closeup

MiniRobo Y Nut and table top with clamping holes
Part Number: MNR-1285-A Specifications
Work Area:X - Width: 12.0 inch (304.8mm)
Y - Depth: 8.5 inch (215.9mm)
Z - Height: 3.75 inch (95.25mm)
Accuracy:X & Y step distances is 0.000625 inch
Z step distances is 0.000625 inch
Height: 3.75 inch (95.25mm)
Linear Drive:4:1 Lead Screws and Nuts on all Axis
Machine Motion Speeds:Lowest: n.nn inch/sec
Highest: n.nn inch/sec
Maximum Transverse: n.nn inch/sec
Motors:Three 195oz. (1.38Nm) NEMA 23 Stepper Motors
Bipolar Series Windings
Interface:Standard PC Parallel Port
(Does NOT Work With ECP Ports)
Controller:PN# EMC-XYZB-BX
Bipolar Half Stepping 3 Axis Stepping Motor Controller
Software:Comes with Demo Verison of Mach3
SuperCam for Windows 98 or ME available on request
Cables:Three(3) 6 foot DB9MF Motor Cables
One 10 foot Parallel Cable
Overall DimensionsWidth: 27.0 inch (685.8mm)
Depth: 24.0 inch (609.6mm)
Height: 21.75 inch (552.45mm)
Weight:Net Weight: 58 pounds (26.3Kg.)
Shipping Weight: 83 pounds (38.9Kg.)
Shipping Packages:Two(2) Boxes
14 x 14 x 14 inches 27 lbs
24 x 24 x 12 inches 56 lbs
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