MNR-1285-CHS MiniRobo XYZ Mechanism Chassis

Side where X motor is mounted to the chassis

Back side where Y motor is mounted

Right side where flanged ball bearings are used as thrust bearings for X axis

Front view showing where the Z axis motor is to mount

Front view of XYZ mechanism, showing tool mounting plate

Closeup of X motor mount

Closeup of Y motor mount

Closeup of Z motor mount

Closeup of outside X thrust bearing and shaft collar

Y axis lead screw, rods and mounted supernut

Y axis lead screw, rods and inside thrust ball bearing, coupler for Y axis taped to table top

Back of XZ carriage
Part Number: MNR-1285-CHS XYZ Mechanism Chassis Specifications
Work Area:X - Width: 12.0 inch
Y - Depth: 8.5 inch
Z - Height: 3.75 inch
Linear Drive:4:1 Lead Screws and Nuts on all Axis
Motors:Mounting Holes for NEMA 23 Stepper Motors
Overall Dimensions:Width: 27.0 inch (685.8mm)
Depth: 24.0 inch (609.6mm)
Height: 21.75 inch (552.45mm)
Weight:Net Weight: 58 pounds (26.3Kg.)
Shipping Weight: 83 pounds (38.9Kg.)
Shipping Packages:One(1) Box, 24 x 24 x 12 inches
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